We Love Atwood and Woodley for
Their Emmy Night Panache

There were a lot of highlights for book lovers at the 2017 Emmy Awards. Chief among them for many, of course, was seeing Margaret Atwood on stage when the series based on her 1985 dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, cleaned house at the Emmys. From Toronto Life:

[The Handmaid’s Tale] bagged trophies for acting, directing and writing. But the TV series would be nothing without its source material: Margaret Atwood’s suddenly topical 1985 dystopian novel. The Toronto-based author was at the ceremony, but she kept a low profile—until, that is, Handmaid’s Tale won Outstanding Drama Series, the biggest award of the night. Atwood mounted the stage along with the rest of the cast and crew to bask in the crowd’s adulation, and Twitter wasn’t far behind.

As much as we share Toronto Life’s — and Twitter’s — joy at seeing the sublime Ms. Atwood getting some of the attention she so richly deserves, our favorite Emmy moment might have come away from the awards themselves when Big Little LiesShailene Woodley drew some serious, if misguided, heat from the Los Angeles Times for talking frankly about her love of books and reading. Writing for the LA Times, Libby Hill wrote:

Picture the single most out-of-sync anecdote a person could drop on the red carpet for television’s biggest night. Got it?

You don’t. What Shailene Woodley said was worse.

The nominee for supporting actress in a limited series stumbled into an epic faux pas when taking part of E’s “Live From the Red Carpet,” when she admitted she really doesn’t have time to watch television.

“All my friends watch TV. I just ask them when they have time to. When do people have time to? I’m a reader. So I always read a book instead of turning on my TV.”

Woodley drew further heat from Hill by going on to admit she doesn’t even own a television. Granted, Hill is listed as a “Television Reporter,” so her bread is also buttered on the TV side of things. But we have to admit: there is no set of circumstances that is going to make us think that Shailene Woodley, successful actress and role model to many, saying she loves reading more than other forms of entertainment is a bad thing.

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