Once Upon A Murderous Delusion

This Just In… Once Upon A Murderous Delusion by A.G. Russo

October 11, 2021 News Editor 0

A small, sleepy New England town in 1980. Out of nowhere, a series of devastating murders threaten the safety and well-being of the community. A serial killer has begun a deadly game of catch-me-if-you-can with local police, who have dubbed the carnage, “The Mommy Murders.” Frightened residents are certain the violent rape/murders are in some way connected to the psychiatric unit of Parkhirst General Hospital. Nella, a nurse angst-ridden by her service during the Vietnam […]

Falling by TJ Newman

Fiction: Falling by T.J. Newman

July 14, 2021 Tony Buchsbaum 0

Summer. Great for lounging by the pool or the ocean or on the sun porch, your nose in a good book. And of course what you want is a book whose thrills actually thrill, whose twists and turns cause whiplash, a book you really can’t put down. Dear reader, I introduce you to Falling by T.J. Newman. Imagine you’re an airline pilot, and you’re minutes into a long flight. You get a message: crash the […]


Fiction: Migrations by J.L. Torres

June 9, 2021 admin 0

Migrations, the latest short story collection from award-winning Puerto Rican writer J.L. Torres, takes us inside the lives of the self-exiled. A womanizing “sucio” goes to an underground clinic for therapy to end his machista ways and is accidentally transitioned. Ex-gangbangers try to keep their troubled, gifted son from the gangsta lifestyle promoted by an emerging music called hip-hop. Dead and stuck “between somewhere and nowhere,” the great Puerto Rican baseball icon Roberto Clemente must […]

Boston Teran

This Just In: Two Boys at Breakwater by Boston Teran

June 9, 2021 News Editor 0

Guy Prince was the son of a racketeer, Dean Teranova the son of a third-rate conman. Their love story takes place in New York during the summers of 1957 and 1966. Their loss of innocence serves as an indictment of a time and a world that was violent, sexual and layered with corruption and immorality, taking readers from the black and white era of West Side Story to the psychedelic and radicalized sixties. The youths’ […]

The Boldy Boys

Fiction: The Boldy Boys by Dean Round

April 19, 2021 admin 0

Hypo is a man at a crossroad in his life as he battles low esteem and self-confidence. Whitely is a successful man destroyed by adultery, lies and deceit. Twiggy is a kind, loyal man reduced to depression as he loses his job that he loves. Sickman, the joker of the group, is the sarcastic man but with mental health issues. In The Boldy Boys by Dean Round, four men who have been best friends for […]

Dorothy Hale

Fiction: Lady Be Good: The Life and Times of Dorothy Hale by Pamela Hamilton

April 13, 2021 admin 0

Lady Be Good, by former NBC News producer Pamela Hamilton, is a fictionalized biography of the American actress, artist, and trendsetter Dorothy Hale. Hale was the legendary beauty immortalized in one of Frida Kahlo’s most famous and controversial paintings, donated to the Phoenix Art Museum by Hale’s confidante Clare Boothe Luce. An escape into the glamour, extravagance, and genius of the Jazz Age, the narrative, “with prose as stylish as Hale herself,” traces the steps […]

Nellie Bly

Eleven Lost Novels by Journalist Nellie Bly

March 27, 2021 admin 0

Eleven novels by pioneering female investigative journalist Nellie Bly, believed lost for more than a century, have found new life. Bly rose to fame in the 1890s with her undercover reporting of horrific conditions in a New York insane asylum followed by many adventures chronicled in newspapers of the time, culminating in her 1890 race around the world. At the height of her fame, however, she quit reporting and for three years wrote serialized novels. […]

I'll Remember April

Fiction: I’ll Remember April by Jean Murray Munden

January 5, 2021 admin 0

Eighty-eight-year-old Louise, grateful but wistful, falls into a reverie when recalling the ordinary and extraordinary events of her life which span most of the 20th century. It is a sweeping, romantic tale chronicling four generations, but centers on Louise and her two sisters. The majority of the story takes place during World War I and its aftermath, giving a turbulent historical backdrop that mirrors the dramatic changes about to occur in Louise’s career and romantic […]

Same Elephants

Fiction: Same Elephants by Marjy Marj

December 15, 2020 admin 0

Ghanaian-American author Marjy Marj drew on her experiences of being an immigrant and attending college in America in her Same Elephants, her second novel following The Shimmigrant from 2019. Same Elephants is about four friends from diverse backgrounds. Marj says she chose to write about an array of women with very different backgrounds and tie them together. Marj feels the book speaks stongly to our age “as it offers hope in humanity especially with today’s […]

From the Land of Genesis

Fiction: From the Land of Genesis by Stephen O’Shea

November 12, 2020 admin 0

Documentarian and explorer Stephen O’Shea  has written From the Land of Genesis, a book of creative non-fiction essays offering vivid slices of post-war life. The collection is intended to illustrate the hardships of normal life after living wartime experiences. O’Shea travelled the globe interviewing veterans and taking special care to authentically portray the veteran experience at home. The result is a literary fiction and narrative nonfiction hybrid, with fictional characters and settings, but references and […]