Second Term

Crime Fiction: Second Term by J.M. Adams

October 10, 2023 admin 1

This week it all feels a little on the nose, but this is early days in J.M. Adams’ career as a novelist. The ground covered in Second Term will feel less jolting in due course. This is the good stuff, even though the timing might be either not terrific or too terrific, depending on your perspective. It is September 2012. Cora Walker, a DIA defense operative, discovers a terrorist plot in Benghazi and jumps into […]

Food With Spirit by Alicia Shevetone

October 2, 2023 admin 0

Food With Spirit is the latest release from Las Vegas chef, author, and television personality Alicia Shevetone. The book focuses on cooking for one or two people without creating massive amounts of leftovers, but also without sacrificing flavor. Food With Spirit features 50 recipes spread across five sections: Appetizers, Soups, Entrees, Sides, and Desserts. Each is beautifully illustrated and all 50 recipes are infused with some of our favorite intoxicants, from spiced rum to the […]

Threat Modeling

Non-Fiction: Threats: Designing for Security by Adam Shostack

June 4, 2023 admin 0

“We can’t secure our systems if threats are mysterious or poorly understood,” writes Adam Shostack, author of Threats: Designing for Security. “This book gives every engineer foundational knowledge in a structured, accessible and fun way. My students come in with incredibly variable knowledge — bringing everyone to the same level is so important as security becomes a first-class engineering requirement.” Shostack’s book is not for everyone, but in a world where cybersecurity is a large […]

Working Through the Banned

June 3, 2023 admin 0

Over the past 90 days, there has been an increase in searches for “banned books,” “banned book list,” and “list of banned books.” These types of searches have also increased over the last year. Trending book titles include The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. The interest in banned books can reflect the current political climate and increased censorship in America’s public […]

Long Lost James M. Cain Story Published in Strand Magazine

May 30, 2023 admin 0

Decades after it was put away with his other papers in the Library of Congress, James M. Cain’s short story “Blackmail” has finally been published. Cain was known for his gritty noir settings in novels such as Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice. The author has had more modern adaptations of his work than any noir author and has been cited as a formative influence on modern writers such as Michael Connelly, Laura Lippman, […]

Serial Killers

Art & Culture: Serial Killers: Their Creation, Crimes & Capture by Devon F. Walker

April 10, 2023 admin 0

Serial Killers: Their Creation, Crimes & Capture is a gripping exploration of some of history’s most notorious serial killers. The book offers a fascinating analysis of what drives individuals to commit heinous crimes and how they are ultimately brought to justice. Serial Killers opens with a personal account of Walker’s upbringing in Yorkshire, where he witnessed the impact of the Yorkshire Ripper’s killings on his own community. The capture of Peter Sutcliffe, a notorious serial […]

Man Eating Plants

Non-Fiction: Man Eating Plants by Jonathan Spitz

April 10, 2023 admin 0

Fad diets have been some of the biggest trends of the last decade. According to Jonathan Spitz, author of Man Eating Plants: How a Vegan Diet Can Save the World, despite the hype and endorsements from high-profile celebrities, the vegan diet is the only one that has stood the test of time. In Man Eating Plants, Spitz tries to explain why he feels this way of living is optimal for health, and how it even […]

Non-Fiction: The 6-Step Leadership Challenge by Jim Saliba

February 7, 2023 admin 0

At a time when the tech industry is being slammed with layoffs in mass numbers, Jim Saliba is helping leaders to navigate the recession with the ground-breaking strategies laid out in his new book, The 6-Step Leadership Challenge. Saliba is a certified coach, trainer, and public speaker with over thirty years of experience in the leadership world. His began as a software engineer before being promoted to management in the IT industry, where he eventually […]

Biography: If You See Me by Pepé Willie

February 1, 2023 admin 0

With If You See Me: My Six Decade Journey in Rock and Roll, renowned musician, producer, and author, Pepé Willie, presents a deeply personal look into the music industry. This captivating memoir offers an intimate look into the life and career of one of the industry’s most respected figures, providing readers with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Through candid anecdotes and personal reflections, Willie takes readers on a journey through his six decades in […]

Fiction: The Incredible Journey of Lacey Starr and Mabel Brown by Perry Dantes

February 1, 2023 admin 0

Perry Dantes was born in Aleksandrów Kujawski, Poland. His new book, The Incredible Journey of Lacey Starr and Mabel Brown is a gripping historical fiction that centers around two women, Lacey and Mabel, who set off in pursuit of stardom but when the Second World War begins, they find much more. The Incredible Journey of Lacey Starr and Mabel Brown is a historical novel about pre-World War II and the first two years of the […]