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The Mystery of the Photo

January 16, 2022 News Editor 0

The above photo has been fueling the daydreams of Internet-based book lovers everywhere for the last several years. As recently as January 3, author and activist Don Winslow tweeted the photo, saying: “I hope you see the beauty I do.” To date, nearly 33,000 people have shown their agreement by liking the tweet, many of them adding comments and photos: of other dreamy libraries, of books, of book-related tattoos. Over 1000 comments in all, celebrating […]

Connecting Isolated Strangers Across 
the World Through Postcard Exchanges

May 6, 2020 admin 0

Sending a postcard makes you connect with a stranger on a human level that cannot be matched by emails, text messages, Facebook, WhatsApp or WeChat.” — Nina Boesch A mom and UX designer who has been isolating in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for close to two months, came up with a heartwarming idea of how to connect strangers throughout the world. The result is a web site that encourages everyone to reach out to a stranger via […]

For All Humankind

Non-Fiction: For All Humankind by Tanya Harrison and Danny Bednar

March 17, 2020 admin 0

  Buzz Aldrin has devoted thousands of hours to the NSS… his unceasing efforts to move humanity beyond Earth orbit and on to Mars have been an inspiration to millions across the globe.” — Karlton Johnson, Chairman of the NSS Board of Governors For All Humankind: The Untold Stories of How the Moon Landing Inspired the World relives the incredible moment in July, 1969, when humans first set foot on another world. The book carries […]

Biography: Simply Verona: Breaking All the Rules by Verona van de Leur

March 4, 2020 admin 0

Verona van de Leur rose to fame in 2002, winning a silver medal on the floor exercise at the World Gymnastics Championships. She became the most famous gymnast from the Netherlands and was named Sportswoman of the Year in 2002. Although her remarkable talent brought her medals, money, and fame, and she seemed like a young woman on top of the world, Verona’s life soon spun out of control. Abused and exploited by those closest […]

U.S. Press Leaders to China: Rethink Expelling Journalists

February 20, 2020 admin 0

The National Press Club and the National Press Club Journalism Institute urged the Chinese government to reconsider a plan to expel three Wall Street Journal reporters from China. China has ordered Josh Chin, the paper’s deputy bureau chief in China, and reporters Chao Deng and Philip Wen to leave the country in five days, The Journal said Wednesday. Chin and Deng are U.S. citizens and Wen is Australian. A Chinese spokesman, Geng Shuang, said the […]

Non-Fiction: The Pros: The Forgotten Era of Tennis by Peter Underwood

December 12, 2019 admin 0

The Pros: The Forgotten Era of Tennis (New Chapter) written by Australian doctor, writer and peace activist Peter Underwood, chronicles and narrates one of the most misunderstood and little-known eras of world tennis, the Professional or Pro Era. The Pros describes the era through the stories of eight great tennis champions: Bill Tilden, Ellsworth Vines, Don Budge, Bobby Riggs, Jack Kramer, Pancho Gonzales, Ken Rosewall and Rod Laver. This crew dominated the pro arenas from […]

Weir Farm National Historic Site Chronicles the History of an Important American Artistic Landmark

August 13, 2019 admin 0

In Weir Farm National Historic Site (Arcadia Publishing), author Xiomaro, Visiting Artist at Connecticut’s Weir Farm and an alumnus of its Artist-in-Residence program, tells the story of Julian Alden Weir (1852–1919), a leading innovator of American Impressionist painting.  Xiomaro chronicles the farm’s rescue from residential development to its establishment as a park. The farm’s landscape inspired countless masterpieces created by Weir, his famous painter friends, two subsequent generations of artist-owners, and contemporary artists who continue […]

The Real Ghost of Christmas Past

December 22, 2018 admin 0

Though the story of Christmas was pulled from many sources, writing for The Guardian, Kathryn Hughes reminds us that “Christmas was pulled together, codified, made visible in story and painted in sound by Dickens who dashed down A Christmas Carol in six weeks in the autumn of 1843.” The book, published on 19 December of that year, famously tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter old miser who is given a chance to redeem […]

Christie’s to Offer Einstein’s “God Letter”

November 29, 2018 admin 0

A letter Albert Einstein penned in German in 1954 will be sold at Christie’s at auction next week. Expected to fetch both controversy and a pretty penny, Einstein’s infamous “God Letter” calls into question almost every aspect of Christian dogma. From the auction catalog: “Einstein’s single most famous letter on God, his Jewish identity, and man’s eternal search for meaning. This remarkably candid, private letter was written a year before Einstein’s death and remains the […]

Taking the Food System Back… With Books

October 25, 2018 admin 0

Food Tank has rounded up 19 books about food and agriculture that explore food policy, nutrition science, healthy eating, food justice, and the challenges of farming. Readers will be able to immerse themselves in new roles as activists, brewers, chefs, farmers, politicians, and more. Included in the list, consumer advocate, nutritionist, and author of six prize-winning books Marion Nestle’s Unsavory Truth offers readers another glance into nutrition: although nutrition advice may seem inspired by the […]