Dirt by Michael Lewis

Poetry: Dirt by Michael Lewis

June 9, 2020 admin 0

This collection was named around the idea that “There is dirt in us all and it should be celebrated.” Whether or not that’s true, it’s an interesting premise. The author says that Dirt covers a ten-year span of observation around all things uncouth, romantic, and violent. A cryptic concept that the reader is invited to unravel as its adventure is woven from the author’s very own subconscious. All of which is suggested by strong emotion […]

Children’s Books: A Child’s Journey Through Poetry by Sabinah Adewole

January 15, 2020 admin 0

In a society where children are exposed to every imaginable current issue, Sabinah Adewole’s poetry uses child-approved themes like rainbows, seaside, picnics, and unicorns, to connect to children in a way that supports the processing of current issues in a healthy way. An easy-to-read and brightly colored format with open-ended questions inspires children to understand and process what is happening around them in a way that invites them to explore their role in it and […]

Family Album by Pedro Xavier Solis

December 16, 2019 admin 0

Living in Nicaragua is a world apart from the typical North American experience. You wake to birds that do not just twitter, but screech and trill entire multi-stanza songs. There are processions with tubas blasting, dogs always barking somewhere, firecrackers going off for any excuse of a holiday. And of course, everywhere the vegetative excess of the tropics, where vines with huge blue flowers don’t just cover a trellis, but instead the entire side of […]

Poetry: Purple Dawn by Edward V. Bonner

December 14, 2019 admin 2

The titles of Edward V. Bonner’s poetry suggest many ways in which these poems express his personal experiences and connect his thoughts to the universal search for true meanings of many of our realities. In Purple Dawn (Adelaide) most of the poems examine the themes of beauty and risk, pleasure and danger, in the context of one of three kinds of relationships: to romantic partners, to the spiritual world, and to the world of nature. […]

Willie Morris Award for Southern Literature

October 24, 2019 admin 0

The Willie Morris Awards for Southern fiction have been awarded. Tiffany Quay Tyson was honored for her novel The Past Is Never (Skyhorse Publishing) and Melissa Cannon for her poem, “The Mercury Poises on the Pinnacle of Nashville’s Bygone Union Station.” Both authors were honored at a ceremony at the New York Yacht Club, where they were respectively awarded $10,000 and $2,500. Since its inception in 2008, the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction, founded […]

Poetry: A Concept of Right Now by J. Scott Walker

September 27, 2019 admin 0

A Concept of Right Now (Unsolicited Press) is a poetry collection that explores the tension between uncertainty and truth. It is a collection that exists where many elements of culture and society converge: the internal and external geographies of shared human experience. Blending narrative and lyrical modes, in a searching yet grounded voice, it is an attempt to reconcile and reveal what it means to be a person of the early 21st century.Paradox is a […]

Complete Collection of Sergei Tretyakov Plays Published

September 10, 2019 admin 0

When Sergei Tretyakov’s groundbreaking play, “I Want a Baby” was banned by Stalin’s censor in 1927, it was a signal that the radical and innovative theatre of the early Soviet years was to be brought to an end. A glittering, unblinking exploration of the realities of post-revolutionary Soviet life, the play “I Want a Baby” marks a high point in modernist experimental drama. Tretyakov’s plays are notable for their formal originality and their revolutionary content. […]

New Today: Volcano by Elosham Vog

September 3, 2019 admin 0

The poems in Volcano (Unsolicited Press) work together to tell a story. For his whole life, F’s unnamed lover has had a volcano growing inside him, fueled by experiences such as interactions with an abusive father and repressed queerness. As his relationship with F sours, the volcano continues to grow and eventually manifests as a physical reality. Fearing the consequences of the now-real volcano, he sacrifices F to it, believing he has solved both problems […]

Doing Poetry Month Up Right

March 21, 2019 Linda L. Richards 0

We’re zooming towards National Poetry Month, which runs all of April and gives us yet another reason to celebrate poetry and the people who make them. Even if it isn’t officially poetry month in your country, it seems a terrific time to reintroduce yourself to this beautiful and significant art form and there are a lot of tools out there to help you do it. 1. You can sign up for Poem-A-Day. It’s free. Launched […]

Poetry Boom: Sown in the Summer of Our Discontent

January 29, 2019 Linda L. Richards 0

There were a few years there when the future of poetry seemed to hang in the balance. Poets still wrote poems/gave readings. But were audiences shrinking? It appeared so while a lot of people seemed to ignore poetry/rolled their eyes. That was then. And now? Well, poetry is back in a really big way. And the reason is in the questing of a generation looking for answers in unusual places. From The Guardian: A passion […]