Twenty-Five-Year-Old Dan Simmons Novel
Will Be Film

The recent success of horror flicks such as IT and Stranger Things has sent Hollywood running for projects it feels are similar. Likely because of this, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has just signed up for a package based on the Dan Simmons horror novel Summer of Night, originally published in 1991. From Deadline Hollywood:

The book revolves around a series of hauntingly sinister events that threaten a Midwestern town as a group of young teens unearths a centuries-old evil prophecy of biblical proportions. The Hugo-winning author’s novel The Terror separately was adapted for AMC as a Ridley Scott-produced series.

Dan Simmons is the Hugo and Nebula-award winning author of 30 novels, including the series known as the Hyperion Cantos.

The full story is here.

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