Review: Ballad for a Mad Girl by Vikki Wakefield

September 13, 2017 admin 0

In the small Australian town of Swanston lives a girl called Grace Foley. Her mother was knocked over and killed by a car a couple of years ago, and the family — Grace, her Dad and her brother Cody — moved from their farm into town, where they are still grieving. Grace does pranks for her friends. Currently, she is grounded for one of them, but being grounded doesn’t stop her from responding to a […]

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Fiction for Children: The Family With Two Front Doors  by Anna Ciddor

March 23, 2016 Sue Bursztynski 2

The place is Lublin in Poland, the time the 1920s. The large, joyous Rabinovitch family, based on the family of the author’s grandmother, have to spread out across two first floor apartments because there are nine children and Papa is a rabbi, who needs an office where he can advise members of the community who come to him for help: hence the two front doors. The entire novel is centred around preparations for the wedding […]

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Children’s Fiction: Theophilus Grey And the Demon Thief  by Catherine Jinks

November 18, 2015 Sue Bursztynski 0

In Catherine Jinks’ latest novel, Theophilus Grey and the Demon Thief (Allen and Unwin), 12-year-old Theophilus Grey, known as Philo, is the leader of a team of link boys. In 18th century London, theirs is a necessary job, escorting clients home late at night by torchlight. There is rivalry between them and the newer lamp lighters, but they still have plenty of work. Philo and his crew work for a former law clerk, Garnet Hooke, who […]

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Hunter’s Moon  by Sophie Masson

November 15, 2015 Sue Bursztynski 0

Bianca Dalmatin wants for nothing. As the heir to a department store empire and stepdaughter of the beautiful Lady Belladonna, the only thing Bianca longs for is a friend. It seems that her wish is granted at the Duke’s Presentation Ball when she meets the handsome, mysterious Lucian Montresor. But after the Mirror newspaper names Bianca as Lepmest’s new Fairest Lady, the true nature of her stepmother is revealed. Belladonna tells Bianca the shocking news […]

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Children’s Books: Fuzzy Mud  by Louis Sachar

September 1, 2015 Sue Bursztynski 0

Tamaya and Marshall, walk to and from school together. They aren’t supposed to walk through the woods, but the bully, Chad, is waiting for Marshall. On their walk, they encounter not only Chad, but something completely unexpected that could wipe out the world. And their community could be first. I’ve only read three novels by Louis Sachar, including this one. The first was the wonderful Holes, which I believe to be his masterpiece, the book […]