This Just In: Simply Amazing Women by K.C. Armstrong

Simply Amazing Women

In a quest to entertain and uplift readers in the midst of self-isolation and uncertainty, K. C. Armstrong, host and CEO of WMAP Radio (“World’s Most Amazing People”) says he will be releasing his second book of favorite interviews on May 1, 2020.

Simply Amazing Women, like its bestselling predecessor Simply Amazing Special Author’s Edition, is a non-fiction book that assures readers that we are stronger and more resilient than we sometimes think. The 13 women interviewed have faced the most difficult of life challenges and gone on to help others. Their journeys have been painful, yet, they have persevered to create their best possible outcomes and best possible selves. The examples, in addition to their dedication to helping others, will reaffirm our belief in self-determination.

Armstrong, himself a survivor of mental and physical illness, weaves his experience and comments through the revelations of these amazing, courageous women. The work as a whole reveals courage, honesty, compassion and determination as traits we can find within ourselves, creating our own examples of everyday heroism.

Listeners of Armstrong’s FM and internet radio station have expressed renewed belief in themselves and their own abilities to conquer adversity and persevere. Both reader reviewers and professional reviewers alike raved about the first book in this series, Simply Amazing: Special Author’s Edition, which reached the Barnes and Noble #8 spot on their top 100 list and was called the New Chicken Soup for the Soul. The series shows heroic responses to heartaches such as disease, violence, and poverty. These stories are not pitiful tales of woe; instead, they feature people who were able to transform their adversities into examples for the rest of us.

From the poorly educated Maasai girl who grew up in a patriarchal society and became an international advocate of human rights, to the woman who survived cult abuse to work with suicide survivors and their families, all the women featured in Simply Amazing Women inspire the reader with hope and encouragement. In all, 13 stories, plus that of Armstrong himself, will vie for the top place in each reader’s heart.

You can order Simply Amazing Women here. Check out WMAP Radio here. ◊


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