This Just In… Bane of All Things by Leo Valiquette

January 10, 2023 News Editor 0

In Bane of All Things we arrive to the Four Kingdoms. Here the Holy Clerisy preaches that the gods are dead, and prayer is the path to Hell. Anyone who defies doctrine is punished for heresy. But blind faith can damn a soul as surely as betrayal. One bitter winter’s night, Ryn Ruscroft, once sworn to serve as the Clerisy’s loyal soldier, finds himself torn between conscience and duty. Those slain include his best friend, […]

This Just In… Love in Another Time: A Sardinian Saga by Lexa Dudley

August 26, 2022 News Editor 0

England, 1947. Ellie Montford is sent to boarding school by her cold and distant parents, joining her best friend’s family on their farm for the holidays. She forges a bond with her friend’s brother, Simon, who promises to marry her – but childhood promises may not last… Sardinia, 1961. Ellie, now a young woman, joins her parents in Cagliari, where her father works for the Foreign Office. Attending classes at the local university she meets […]

This Just In… Architect of Courage by Victoria Weisfeld

August 26, 2022 News Editor 0

Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Situation. In June 2011, September was weeks away, and the full dread of the approaching anniversary hadn’t yet settled on New York City’s residents. But from One Police Plaza to the FBI’s grim headquarters in Washington, D.C., the top brass harbor a rumbling in the gut. Each person who works for them down the line shares their unease, from every rookie cop walking the beat to the lowliest surveillance specialist. And Archer […]

This Just In: God’s Ponzi by Robert Buschel

July 25, 2022 News Editor 0

Gregory Portent demands revenge. Revenge is best served cold when the prey begs to be the target. With his skills and charisma he lures them in easily, using an investment bank to launch a Ponzi scheme. Gregory Portent has one advantage—artificial intelligence. At a critical point, he loses his way. A “black swan” event follows and the Ponzi scheme borders on the brink of collapse. It’s not about revenge anymore; it’s about survival. Greedy lawyers, […]

This Just In… Rook by Stephen G Eoannou

June 21, 2022 News Editor 0

Rook is based on the true story of Al Nussbaum. To his unsuspecting wife, Lolly, Al is a loving, chess playing, family man. To J. Edgar Hoover, he is the most cunning fugitive alive. Al is the mastermind behind a string of east coast robberies that has stumped law enforcement. After his partner, one-eyed Bobby Wilcoxson, kills a bank guard and wounds a New York City patrolman, Al is identified as one of the robbers […]

Dead-Bang Fall

This Just In… Dead-Bang Fall: A Nate Ross Novel by JR Sanders

April 22, 2022 News Editor 0

It is March 1939, and try as he might, private eye Nate Ross can’t seem to stay clear of Hollywood. His latest case, a penny-ante theft caper, turns deadly serious when one of the miscreants is murdered and Nate is the prime witness. No sooner does L.A.P.D.’s number one suspect — a former friend and disgraced ex-colleague — turn up asking for Nate’s help than he goes on the run again, from both the police […]

This Just In: Below the Strandline by Tim Parr

March 24, 2022 Linda L. Richards 0

Searching for the truth can be murder… A dark, gripping debut crime novel set in gritty 1970s London. – Readers of Eva Dolan, J.M. Dalgliesh and Joseph Knox should enjoy Below the Strandline. Jerry runs away from a chequered past to start a new life in the city. He wants to be in control of his own destiny, to live by his own rules and, above all, to protect the girl he is falling in […]

The Just In: Strange Fire by Joel Burcat

January 25, 2022 Linda L. Richards 0

Fracking for natural gas has turned deadly in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Not only is the water contaminated, but people are dying. Round-the-clock operations conducted by Yukon Oil and Gas may have poisoned a residential well and threatened a town’s water supply. Who is contaminating water wells in Bradford County? Why are contractors disappearing? Mike Jacobs, an impassioned 29-year old environmental lawyer with Pennsylvania’s Dept. of Environmental Protection, is back in this romantically-charged environmental legal thriller […]

Ernesto Patino

This Just In… Enough to Make the Angels Weep by Ernesto Patino

December 26, 2021 News Editor 0

An unsolved murder and a 150-year-old diary of an Irish soldier are inextricably linked to the past… Hired to investigate the murder of an 84-year-old widow, P.I. Joe Coopersmith hits one dead end after another in his search for leads. With few clues and no suspects, he nearly gives up, until he uncovers a connection to a bizarre plot to kill the descendants of Irish soldiers who fought for Mexico during the Mexican-American War. Known […]

This Just In

This Just In… Hubba-Hubba Holiday by Kirk Alex

December 23, 2021 News Editor 0

Obsession, fame, murder. Hollywood could destroy them all. It’s beating down with rain as Private Investigator Edgar “Doc” Holiday drives past the sprawling mansions of Beverly Hills to meet with renowned movie producer Francis Tracton. The star of his latest project is missing; an invaluable dog named Titus. But when Doc reaches Tracton’s illustrious property, he discovers something far more fitting for a horror film than real life: a dead body that’s so severely disfigured […]