SF/F: Relationships 8 by Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony

Relationships 8 is the eighth volume in an ongoing series by one of the most popular science fiction/fantasy authors of all time, Piers Anthony.

The stories in Relationships 8 plum some of the Anthony’s favorite territory. In a story about an android in the form of a beautiful woman who achieves consciousness and makes the most of it, to the dismay of the company boss. Another story about a mother who means to repay a significant favor a boy does for her son, off the record. One of a rather unusual stage show that may freak you out. That’s “Power of Pizzazz.” One of an ill woman who, faced with Death coming take her life, instead seduces him. And their daughter, ambitious to take over that job. Three-party love in virtual reality. A skeptic take on the mistress of Hell. An alien woman faced with bad trouble makes an unlikely deal with an alien enemy man. Twins crafted in a laboratory grow up to be quite special, as they are shape-changing geniuses. And a boy’s imaginary friend turns out to be more than he bargained on, leading into a possible change in the way the world operates.

Piers Anthony is the author of over 160 works including the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling Xanth series. Now 85, he lives in Florida. ◊


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