This Just In… From Miracle To Murder: Justice For Adam by Joyce A. Lefler

What would you do if you were accused of murdering your child? That happened to Joyce. Raised in a misogynistic religion, Joyce was shunned by her family when her abusive husband abandoned her and their two children, Anne, nine, and Adam, six.

Adam was severely disabled. When Adam died, the babysitter claimed the boy was lifeless when Joyce dropped him off. The coroner said the timing of Adam’s death placed him with Joyce. The children’s father depicted Joyce as an abusive mother. How could Child Protective Services, the investigating officers, the district attorney, and a grand jury all be wrong? How could anyone believe Joyce didn’t murder Adam? How could anyone believe she did?

From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam is more than a true crime story. It’s more than a memoir or a work of historic non-fiction. The characters in From Miracle to Murder are real people. What they did, what they said, and Joyce’s relationship with them are documented. The events are depicted as accurately as possible and are based on actual police reports, depositions, court records, a grand jury transcript, criminal trial transcripts, psychologist’s written evaluations, eye witness accounts, journals, victim impact statements, various avenues of public media, Adam’s autopsy, and the author’s haunting memories, recalled to the best of her abilities. When Joyce refers to or quotes documents, real names of the real characters are used. Names are changed when needed to protect the innocent from the guilty. The author invites the readers into her life. She wants them to see what she saw, thought, heard, and felt at each stage of her journey through the legal system, and beyond. From Miracle To Murder is for anyone who believes in the presumption of innocent until proven guilty.

Joyce A. Lefler is a survivor of crime, a blogger, an advocate against abuse, and a voice for justice.

You can order From Miracle to Murder here. Visit author Joyce A. Lefler on the web here. ◊


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