Motherless Brooklyn Expected to Wow TIFF

Jonathan Lethem’s seminal 1999 novel Motherless Brooklyn gets an all-star film treatment from actor-filmmaker Edward Norton. From Deadline Hollywood:

Norton adapted the Jonathan Lethem novel and plays the lead character Lionel Essrog in a drama set in 1950s New York. Essrog is a lonely private detective with Tourette syndrome who attempts to find out who murdered his mentor and finds himself drawn into a multilayered conspiracy that expands to encompass the city’s ever-growing racial divide and the devious personal and political machinations of a Robert Moses–like master builder (Alec Baldwin). The cast includes Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Bobby Cannavale, Leslie Mann and Cherry Jones.

Motherless Brooklyn will make its world premiere in September at the Toronto Film Festival.

In a January Magazine review when the book came out, Frederick Zackel reported that:

Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn is great fun, a rousing private eye novel and a classic quest story, complete with a reluctant hero who must go face-to-face with “monks and crooks and mooks alike” to solve the murder of his mentor.

Read that early review of the book here. Read the full Deadline Hollywood piece here.

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