Shaanxi, the Ancient Millennium Capital, Develops “City with Book Aroma”

In recent years, Shaanxi has been taking the globally leading position of promoting tourism and culture, and now has grown into the“web celebrity” in the global tourism market. In an era dominated by social media and network flow, Shaanxi has been closely following the pace of the development of the times.

The history and culture of Shaanxi offers the integration of the thousand-year-old capital and the modern city. City Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Tang Paradise, and many other historical spots are the most searched hashtags among the tourists.

Shaanxi creatively displays traditional resources. Xi’an, its capital, has been striving to build “Music City,” “Museum City,” and “City with Book Aroma.” It has also held a variety of events, including the Silk Road International Film Festival, International Marathon, and light show in the Tang Paradise.

VidCon, the world’s largest celebration of digital video and online creators, was held in the USA this July and attracted thousands of web celebrities and fans from all over the world. The creative booth brought by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism made a debut at the event, which broke through the traditional mode of promoting the tourism and culture in the global market. Interactive experiences blended with various elements of Shaanxi tourist attractions and culture. By integrating the web celebrity marketing, TikTok and the VidCon, it effectively improved the exposure and the international reputation of Shaanxi tourism and culture, introducing Shaanxi history and human civilization to the fans all over the world.

The Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism reports that “Shaanxi has been insisting on an open and inclusive attitude and has been positively building the international first-class cultural tourism center with historical and cultural characteristics. In the future, Shaanxi will continue to focus on providing excellent cultural products and services, combined with the promotion on the international social media and the launch of online and offline creative activities at home and abroad.” ◊

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