Children’s Books: Daisy’s Adventure by Joyce Ferrell a.k.a. Aunt Joyce

Joyce Ferrell a.k.a. Aunt Joyce, a retired registered nurse who lives in Ohio with her unusual pets, has completed her new book, Daisy’s Adventure, a story Ferrell says is intended to help children understand life and the challenges they may face in the future at a young age.

Daisy’s Adventure is based on the true story of my 18-inch long yellow koi fish named Daisy,” says Ferrell, “Her koi friends, Duke and Princess, live in a large pond with Daisy. A pretty waterfall keeps their water nice and fresh and they swim around enjoying their home—most of the time.

“On this scary, stormy day, a very heavy rain came over the waterfall and washed Daisy out of her pond. She had never been outside her pond before. Daisy was very afraid and didn’t know what to do.

“This story tells the true tale of how ‘Daisy’ found herself in a very scary situation but kept believing that everything would be OK if she just kept trying.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Joyce Ferrell a.k.a. Aunt Joyce’s new book is an enthralling fable story filled with life lessons intended to help children understand that every challenge they may face in life might help to make them stronger in future as they grow older.

With this purpose, the author encourages the readers to never lose hope even though no one knows what life may bring to anyone for there’s one thing that’s for sure—everything will be okay if everyone believes that it will. ◊

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