Poetry: Another Missed Connection by Daniel Senser

Another Missed Connection by Daniel Senser

Daniel Senser’s poetic opus touches on themes of love, fantasy, and madness… and more.

Another Missed Connection touches on themes of erotic love, fantasy, drunkenness, and madness. Senser’s work stands out for its mystical and spiritual elements, as well as its use of rhyme and musical language.

The poet is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he received a BA in English. He began writing in elementary school but started his career as a poet during his freshman year of college after reading The Iliad.

He was also greatly influenced by ancient Eastern poetry, the works of Jorge Louis Borges and other Hispanic writers, as well as contemporary writers such as Billy Collins and Charles Simic.

Senser’s work has been featured in such journals as Adelaide, Jewish Currents, and California Quarterly, among others. He currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. ◊

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