The house where Bond wrote.

Bond Inspiration Estate Up For Sale

February 28, 2020 News Editor 0

A New York state house where Ian Fleming wrote some of his James Bond novels is for sale for $2.95 million. Apparently Fleming wrote parts of Diamonds Are Forever (1956) and Goldfinger (1959) at Black Hole Hollow Farm. The 8500+ square foot house is on over 440 acres near the Vermont border. At the time of Fleming’s visits, the house was owned by his friend and fellow former British intelligence officer, John Felix Charles Ivar […]

A Google Doodle A Day

February 28, 2020 News Editor 0

If you’ve used Google today, you might have noticed that its Google Doodle gives a nod to Sir John Tenniel, who was a prominent English illustrator, graphic humorist and political cartoonist as well the the original illustrator of the Alice in Wonderland books by Lewis Carroll. Google has done more than 4,000 Google Doodles since 1998, when the company’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, “played with the corporate logo to indicate their attendance at […]

Erasmus Prize 2020 Awarded to Grayson Perry

February 27, 2020 admin 0

One of the best-known contemporary artists, Grayson Perry has been awarded the 2020 Erasmus Prize. The theme of the Prize this year was “The power of the image in the digital era.” At a time when we are constantly bombarded with images, Perry has developed a unique visual language, demonstrating that art belongs to everybody and should not be an elitist affair. According to the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation, “Perry receives the prize for the insightful […]

This Just In: Hunting of Men by Lance J. LoRusso

February 27, 2020 admin 0

The suspenseful, carefully crafted, Hunting of Men is the first in the Blue Mystery book series by Lance J. LoRusso that features detective Johnny Till. Author LoRusso is a former law enforcement officer and now an attorney whose firm specializes in representing law enforcement officers. In Hunting of Men, LoRusso draws upon his diverse law enforcement background that saw him work the street, serve as a trainer, hostage negotiator, and investigator. The title, Hunting of […]

The Lone Wolf in the Crystal City

Fiction: The Lone Wolf in The Crystal City by Alex Sander McDon

February 26, 2020 admin 0

The Lone Wolf in the Crystal City opens as a young boy kills a vicious lone wolf, never suspecting that the spirit of the beast will follow the boy through his life. The boy will become a soldier, fighting many wars in Yugoslavia and Africa. He will finally settle down in Amsterdam, leading a life full of passion, parties and spirits from the bottle, he spends his money easily and gets pushed into a high-octane […]

The Digital Charity

Non-Fiction: The Digital Charity: Becoming a Digital Leader in the Non-Profit Sector by Matt Saunders

February 25, 2020 admin 0

How we communicate is changing, and charities have a leading role to play. The non-profit sector is bursting with passionate people who share a deep connection with the communities they serve. This relationship offers an opportunity for inspiring storytelling and better service delivery. The Digital Charity: Becoming a Digital Leader in the Non-Profit Sector offers up the tools needed to tap into the knowledge and enthusiasm you have for your work, and apply it in […]

Another Missed Connection by Daniel Senser

Poetry: Another Missed Connection by Daniel Senser

February 25, 2020 admin 0

Daniel Senser’s poetic opus touches on themes of love, fantasy, and madness… and more. Another Missed Connection touches on themes of erotic love, fantasy, drunkenness, and madness. Senser’s work stands out for its mystical and spiritual elements, as well as its use of rhyme and musical language. The poet is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he received a BA in English. He began writing in elementary school but started […]

Award Winning Horror Novel Dark Harvest Will Be Feature Film

February 24, 2020 News Editor 0

MGM Film Group is planning a feature adaptation of Dark Harvest (TOR) by Normal Partridge, a Bram Stoker Award winner and a novel acclaimed as one of the top books in its publication year of 2006. From Deadline Hollywood: Dark Harvest is set on Halloween in 1963 and centers around the October Boy aka Ol’ Hacksaw Face aka Sawtooth Jack. Whatever the name, everybody in this small Midwestern town knows who he is. He rises […]

This Just In: Stories of Creation and Destruction by Monica Timbal

February 23, 2020 admin 0

Stories of Creation and Destruction is Monica Timbal’s second book of poetry, after Butterfly Flutters. Here she explores aspects of beginnings and endings, of creation and destruction, in a manner that reveals the deeper meaning to our lives. The common thread that emerges from this journey is nothing other than self-absolute oneness, a state of consciousness where creation and destruction are transcended. Monica Timbal has had a lifelong love for yoga. From the beginning she […]

Crime Fiction: What Are the Odds? by Rob Hilliard

February 22, 2020 admin 0

Start with a family’s long history of prominence in politics and the added prestige of owning one of Kentucky’s leading thoroughbred breeding and racing operations. Acquire coal via marriage and develop a bourbon distillery business, then top it off with a toxic combination of financial greed and moral bankruptcy. What do you get? Rob Hilliard’s smart and intriguing What Are The Odds? The Calculus of Coincidence (Outskirts). The years immediately following World War II were […]