In Translation: Norwid’s Dramatic Works by Cyprian Kamil Norwid

January 17, 2022 admin 0

“Perhaps some day I’ll disappear forever,” muses the master-builder Psymmachus in Cyprian Kamil Norwid’s Cleopatra and Caesar, “Becoming one with my work…” Two hundred years after the poet’s birth, it is difficult not to hear Norwid speaking through the lips of his character. The greatest poet of the second phase of Polish Romanticism, Norwid, like Gerard Manley Hopkins in England, created a new poetic idiom so ahead of his time, that he virtually “disappeared” from […]


Poetry: Even the Milky Way is Undocumented by Amy Shimshon-Santo

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Amy Shimshon-Santo says that her new poetry collection, Even the Milky Way is Undocumented, is a testament to the lost, the loved, the courageous. The collection includes the viral poems “no (no. 10)” which has been used by educators to teach personal consent to students. Pushcart Award nominee, Shimshon-Santo is a writer and educator from Dogtown, a place in Los Angeles that no longer exists. She says that this collection speaks to a moment in […]

Dirt by Michael Lewis

Poetry: Dirt by Michael Lewis

June 9, 2020 admin 0

This collection was named around the idea that “There is dirt in us all and it should be celebrated.” Whether or not that’s true, it’s an interesting premise. The author says that Dirt covers a ten-year span of observation around all things uncouth, romantic, and violent. A cryptic concept that the reader is invited to unravel as its adventure is woven from the author’s very own subconscious. All of which is suggested by strong emotion […]

Richard Harteis

This Just In: Plague Poems: 2020 Vision by Richard Harteis

June 2, 2020 admin 0

Richard Harteis says that the poems in his latest book “reflect on life since the pandemic began with allusions to Albert Camus’ philosophy and his indictment of the fascism of WWII, a plague which seems to have raised its ugly head in our own time.” The collection includes interesting and shamanistic paintings by Rita Dawley. Harteis writes, “We may be facing a very dark winter like Game of Thrones, or we will see the death […]

I Asked the Wins

Poetry: I Asked the Wind by Valerie Nifora

May 28, 2020 admin 0

  I hope in reading the poetry, people realize that wherever they are in their journey in love, they are not alone.” — Valerie Nifora As COVID-19 continues to highlight isolation and loneliness, I Asked the Wind: A Collection of Romantic Poetry, by Valerie Nifora provides an alternative, allowing readers to take a journey through romantic memories to find solace. I Asked the Wind: A Collection of Romantic Poetry beautifully captures the whirlwind highs and […]

Catherine Moore

Poetry: Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht by Catherine Moore

May 4, 2020 admin 0

Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht by Catherine Moore is a chapbook-length collection of prose poems that explores lost voices of the soil-mummified nameless, whose bodies are recovered from bog lands. The “borrowings” in the book refer to Bog Bodies, naturally preserved corpses, displayed sometimes like sideshow curiosities in museums worldwide. These bodies are titled after the bog, melting and churning, which exhumed them. In creating a lyrical voice for these nameless, the poet kept […]

Everyone at this Party

Poetry: Everyone at This Party by Tanja Bartel

April 21, 2020 News Editor 0

My time here is chapped. I brush up against the tepid wind, wither against leaning fences. I count on falling, for its freedom. Dismiss me. It’s better that way. Barbeques smoke, lawnmowers cough rocks. A coiled garden hose is some protection, but not from nuclear war. The suburbs teem with alcoholic fits. — “Subdivision” In Everyone at This Party (Gooselane) Tanja Bartel’s riveting poetry debut, the bucolic Vancouver suburbs clash with the interpersonal. The reader […]

Another Missed Connection by Daniel Senser

Poetry: Another Missed Connection by Daniel Senser

February 25, 2020 admin 0

Daniel Senser’s poetic opus touches on themes of love, fantasy, and madness… and more. Another Missed Connection touches on themes of erotic love, fantasy, drunkenness, and madness. Senser’s work stands out for its mystical and spiritual elements, as well as its use of rhyme and musical language. The poet is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he received a BA in English. He began writing in elementary school but started […]

This Just In: Stories of Creation and Destruction by Monica Timbal

February 23, 2020 admin 0

Stories of Creation and Destruction is Monica Timbal’s second book of poetry, after Butterfly Flutters. Here she explores aspects of beginnings and endings, of creation and destruction, in a manner that reveals the deeper meaning to our lives. The common thread that emerges from this journey is nothing other than self-absolute oneness, a state of consciousness where creation and destruction are transcended. Monica Timbal has had a lifelong love for yoga. From the beginning she […]

Poetry: The House the Spirit Builds by Lorna Crozier

February 2, 2020 News Editor 0

Not a review, but a poem. It’s Lorna Crozier. What more do you need? Spirit Tree It’s the tree the stars find first (what would nest there?) the one the child in you dreams of climbing branches so thin perhaps you’re not a child yet but somehow smaller than a smoky shrew lighter than an eyelid on a feathered eye. From The House the Spirit Builds (Douglas & McIntyre) poems by Lorna Crozier, photography by […]