Non-Fiction: The Rumble Zone by Jim Boneau

The Rumble Zone
 The Rumble Zone: Leadership Strategies in the Rough & Tumble of Change by Jim Boneau “is the bridge between what once was and what is emerging,” says the author. “The potential exists for us to use this chaotic time of rumble to transition from one good groove to another.”

Boneau is an internationally recognized executive coach and facilitator of leadership and organizational development workshops. The author reports that leaders and teams who work with him strengthen their ability to effectively communicate strategy, build bonds of trust, and cascade the organization’s values and vision with their teams, partners and customers. Boneau’s approach challenges leaders to renew their individual leadership beliefs and engage in meaningful dialog with their colleagues to turn those beliefs into actions that increase performance and create positive work environments.

The author has coached and facilitated senior and executive leaders in organizations including Microsoft, General Electric, Qualcomm, The Mayo Clinic, American Association of Corporate Counsel and Unity Technologies and others. He has worked extensively internationally, from coaching executives in a Greek shipping company to recently launching new initiatives in leadership coaching and development in China. Jim was the primary workshop facilitator for multiple faculty groups, teaching and coaching extensively throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

He feels he honed his facilitation skills through years of classroom hours teaching Emotional Intelligence, interpersonal relationship skills and other leadership development topics in corporate settings internationally and his expertise as an experiential facilitator has been sharpened by his work as a drum circle facilitator and trainer for Village Music Circles, certified to teach the VMC drum circle facilitator workshops. He has led hundreds of large-scale rhythmical workshops, inspiring increased innovation, accelerated change and profound insights for personal and organizational leadership. Jim has taught drum circle facilitation skills for over 20 years in the US, Europe and Japan.

The Rumble Zone helps readers to explore universal strategies that can be applied to any situation or circumstance, whether for an executive leading an organization through turbulent times or an individual struggling with a personal crisis. ◊

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