Art & Culture: Assholes Need Love Too by Susan Russell and Erica Brown

Assholes Need Love Too

Assholes Need Love Too, written by Susan Russell and Erica Brown, and illustrated by Maggie McMahon, is intended to be the first book in a series of just-for-fun gift books.

This mostly true story is about three assholes from New Jersey who all live on a farm with absolutely nothing to complain about. They just happen to be a rescued pig named Wilbur, a rescued rooster named Raphael and a rescued dog named Gidget. McMahon’s artwork is masterful, and truly captures the essence of the real-life assholes featured in the book.

As far as blurbs go, getting one from a former governor is certainly a coup, especially when this distinguished politican really gets into the spirit:

In my long political career, I’ve known many assholes, some of whom I’ve even voted for, but the assholes described in this book are by far the most lovable. A must read! — Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell

At time of writing, we could not find Assholes Need Love Too in any online bookshops. (Language?) But try ordering from you local bookseller, or contact Archimedes Printing Shoppe in Philadelphia to buy directly from the publisher.

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