Fiction: Blind Expectations by C.D. Hamilton

Blind Expectations
An author strives to write his own happily ever after when his soulmate gets engaged to another

A kind, naive young man seeking true love must open his eyes to the women who can make his ultimate dream a reality”

— C.D Hamilton

It turns out that finding true love can be harder than beating writer’s block. In Blind Expectations, C.D. Hamilton’s debut novel follows an aspiring author seeking his soulmate. He faces a tough journey as he goes through college, deals with painful family conflicts and navigates the treacherous perils of the heart, which he delves into with the blind expectations that find their way in the title

Peter Michael Webb has gotten into Stepney Green College, having made it to the prestigious institution despite his modest origins. He is seeking a better life than that of his mother, who provided for her family through hard physical work, while avoiding the path his wayward older brother took, he sets his sights on achieving a college degree. And finding the woman of his dreams, too.

College life and romance prove far from easy for Pete. The hopeless romantic’s naivete is shattered, disabusing him of his lofty notions. The women he pursues leave him heartbroken. All but one. His closest friend, Corinne Aldrich, yearns for him, but after all the hurt he has faced, Pete is only interested in friendship.

After graduation, Pete has not only accomplished his goal of a college degree, but also his dream of becoming a published novelist. Yet there is something missing. At the same time, Corrine becomes the envy of women everywhere after receiving a marriage proposal from a dashing Englishman, which she accepts.

When Pete learns Corinne is preparing to leave the country with her fiancé, he must open his eyes to the treasure of a woman he has long since known, the one who can indeed make his dream come true… before it is too late.

“I was inspired to write an old-fashioned, feel-good love story, with an edgier family drama subplot,” says Hamilton. “It is my wish that readers will be inspired to dream, take chances in life, and to always be grateful and treat others with kindness.” ◊

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