YA: Milkshakes For the Almost Dead by Lulu Wood

Milkshakes for the Almost Dead

I wrote Milkshakes for the Almost Dead to celebrate teenage girls and remind them to believe in themselves and respect each other. I’d like society in general to respect teenage girls more.”

— Lulu Wood

Milkshakes For the Almost Dead is the first in the Girls and Monsters trilogy by Lulu Wood.

It is a gripping page turner that follows the story of Diana in the sleepy seaside town of Lattering, which in itself is full of secrets and lies. From her first love to missing girls, hot boys and psychopaths in cowboy boots, she is forced to live with with her crazy Aunt Vita. Her father has just been arrested and with two boring jobs, Diana thinks things can’t get any worse until the morning they find a body on the beach.

An established British author, Lulu Wood made her impact in the publishing industry by dealing with issues such as weight and extreme weight loss (The Perfect Ten), women and aging (Material Girl), relationships deconstructed (Toasting Eros) and mental health (Boyfriend in a Dress).

A percentage of the sales from Milkshakes for the Almost Dead will support Plan International UK, which works to advance child rights and equality for girls across the world. ◊

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