C.S. Forester Greyhound Set to Stream this Friday

Tom Hanks in Greyhound

A Sony Pictures film originally intended for wide theatrical release now derailed goes straight to streaming by theater closures and everybody’s happy.

Greyhound, based on a 1955 novel by C.S. Forester’s was sold to Apple TV+ in a reported $70 million-plus deal. It will become available this coming Friday. From Deadline Hollywood:

“Old fashioned” is a term that can be used in a non-flattering way, but in describing Tom Hanks’ new World War II film, it is a compliment. In terms of a genre that has been done repeatedly since, and during, that immortal conflict itself, it is hard to think of a way to bring any new light to it. Greyhound, a fictional story based on C.S. Forester’s 1955 novel, doesn’t rewrite the book on WWII but still does it proud and in the process uses CGI and special effects to tell the tale in as modern a way as possible visually.

At its heart, however, it is an understated and stoic performance by [Tom] Hanks — who also adapted the book and whose company Playtone is a production entity — that reminds of the best we can be when duty calls, rather the worst, as our current leaders seem to remind us each and every day. It was indeed the “greatest generation” at work to save the union and the world, and old fashioned or not, it is something we can hang on to, an inspiring message at a time when we need to hear one.

See the full review here.

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