Cookbooks: Preservation Society Home Preserves  by Camilla Wynne

There is no good reason that books about home preserves and canning tend to be stodgy and old-fashioned. Could it be because this whole area of interest used to be the domain of uncool mothers and grandmothers? But in an era whose most vibrant mainstream cherishes the handmade, everything old is new again. And the hipster movement has not only revitalizeCanningd many arts nearly lost, they’ve turned up the volume on many of those arts, refining all that was good to its most essential core and making it even better.

All of those values are demonstrated ably in Preservation Society Home Preserves (Robert Rose). Contained on these pages are some of the most memorable combinations of textures and flavors ever showcased in a single book and treated, in the end, to time-honored methods of preservation. In short: this is the very best of the good stuff.

Preservation Society is the company started by author former indie rocker Camila Wynne. Her classic methods and post modern tastes and aesthetic combine for the sharpest book we’ve ever seen on this topic. And not only does Wynne tell us how to make various jams, jellies, pickles, compotes, syrups, fruit compotes, chutneys and so on, she also includes a chapter on recipes that utilize some of the canned goods she shows us how to make. Marmalade Truffles, Deep-Fried Pickles, Fruitcake in a Jar, PB&J Scones and other delicacies from the pantry.

This is a terrific book. If you aspire to put food by stylishly, Preservation Society Home Preserves is highly recommended.

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