In The Death of Parliament by Michael Jevon, The Palace of Westminster is rocked by a massive terrorist attack on the Brexit referendum day. Five members are delayed are the only survivors. They form a government. The country is in and anarchy reigns. Cash starved and with reduced numbers the police are struggling to cope. Can the new reduced government take control of the situation.

Covert assassination attempts are made on the new prime minister and the beautiful home secretary who becomes his wife. Who wants to kill him? What part are the security services, MI6 and special Branch playing and will they respond to the situation in order to protect the new government from internal and external treachery? What other dark forces are evident, willing to go to any underhand lengths to achieve their objective of seizing power? Can the five who constitute the new government make the right decisions rapidly, now they do not have to consult the murdered six hundred plus members and resolve Britain’s problems? Who will protect them from their lethal adversaries while they deal with Britain’s problems? Are the five prepared to workin a climate of suspicion and fear, will they survive? Are they a new much needed force, able to turn the nation’s fortunes round with a new system of government.

You can order The Death of Parliament here. See more about the book on Goodreads, here.


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