This Just In… Meeting Laura by Anna “Annina” Lorenzi, translated by Starleen K. Meyer

A young writer, a challenge that he can’t not accept and his “crazy” idea to follow that dream with his whole being. In his pocket, a plane ticket for New York, a few bucks, a little bit of fear, and a lot of determination.

A manuscript that he hugs to himself, “as if it were the most important thing on the face of the earth,” a book already written, ready to be consigned to the world, but with a surprise ending that draws the reader in.

A trip with an uncertain outcome, most assuredly unexpected, in order to meet his muse, and to give her his opus, sensations, words, and emotions for a better tomorrow.

An unusual trip, apparently simple, but always intriguing in its “becoming,” narrated among thoughts, memories, emotions, and clear images depicting her, Laura, really that same Laura that the whole world knows and acclaims…

(or maybe not?)

Longtime “scribbler” whether for work or as a passion, Anna “Annina” Lorenzi finally appears on Amazon with her first self-publication and her desire to share her most recent novel both with her faithful international followers and her new readers from… every part of the globe!

Her lengthy experiences as a writer include texts, poems, short and long stories, fairy tales, articles, selections in literary competitions, and publications in anthologies, as well as in magazines and Italian blogs.

Currently, she shares her creative writing accompanied by photographs and images on her personal site as a hobby, “Diciannove – Prima di nascere ero sull’astronave che aspettavo di scendere” (Nineteen – Before I was born I was on a space ship waiting to come down), now partially available also in English, translated by Starleen K. Meyer.

You can buy Meeting Laura here. Visit author Anna “Annina” Lorenzi on the web here. ◊


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