Harlan Coban’s The Woods to Netflix

The Woods by Harlan Coban

Harlan Coban fans (and there are a lot of them) should keep their eyes out for a six-part Netflix mini-series based on The Woods novel by Harlan CobanThe Woods, Coban’s 2007 novel, transformed here from New Jersey to Poland. The switch creates some real magic: Coban’s terrific storytelling reimagined here with a gritty European sensibility.

The Woods from Netflix Poland is really different from The Stranger,” Coban told Variety back in February. “Much more atmospheric and moody and centered on two characters, it’s really beautifully done.”

The Stranger was a compulsively watchable eight-episode series which aired in January and starred, among others, Jennifer Saunders. The Woods shows every sign of being able to strike all the right chords. From Ladbible:

Set in Poland, the thriller revolves around the tale of four teenagers who never re-emerged from the titular woods following a school holiday camp in the 90s. One of these four teenagers is the sister of prosecutor Paul Copeland, whose hopes of finding justice for his sibling are renewed after the discovery of a murder victim, who was one of the three teens who vanished alongside her.

Speaking to Deadline about what we can expect from the show, director Leszek Dawid said: “The Woods is a story full of secrets – a story you will want to follow. Try as hard as you might to bury unresolved issues from the past, but one day they will find their way back to you anyway.

“What I find fascinating is the way the show deals with the idea of a carefree adolescence. Looking back at the time in your life when you lived your most beautiful but, at the same time, your most atrocious experiences. Learning the truth. You cannot go any further without doing that.”

The Woods airs on Netflix on June 12. ◊


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