This Just In: If the Shoe Fits: The Story of a Real Life Cinderella by Emma Fletcher

Most people don’t recall memories earlier than age three, unless those memories evolved from traumatic experiences. Perhaps this is why Emma Fletcher has such early memories.

“Refreshingly candid, this inspirational autobiography sees actress Emma Fletcher recalling her incredible life story. Overcoming early trauma and a great deal of heartache has led to a life of compassion and maintaining a smile on her face at all costs. However, Emma’s fascinating life story, is not that of a victim, but of a strong and talented woman who has triumphed against adversity in order to attain her dream of becoming a busy theatre, film & TV actress,” says Paul Burton, Writer and Theatre, Film and TV Historian

“I’ve always believed I grew up under the guidance of a bright shining light – perhaps that is why I have always reached for the stars,” says the author.

Born into a show business dynasty, Emma was bitten by the acting bug at a young age and became inspired by the art of performing.

Her career has seen her tour extensively in theatre, play lead roles in numerous well-known television commercials, as well as documentaries and independent feature films for both cinematic and televised release; appearing alongside many well-known actors. She has also worked as a model, TV presenter and singer.

You can order If the Shoe Fits here. ◊

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