This first volume’s magical crescendo should create loyal readers who will return for more fairy tale–style grandeur.”

— Kirkus Reviews

In the 1840s, P’etro Fedorchak narrowly escapes death while fighting for Russia in the Allied Shadow War. After receiving a land grant for his heroic services. He marries Ilia, a girl he saved from stampeding horses, and relocates to the shores of the enchanted Black Sea. The family cabin is near the edge of the legendary Southern Forest. Deep in the Bogs a mysterious shadow fog is transforming forest animals into deadly shadow creatures.

While Ilia gives birth to their son, Samuil, P’etro fights off hordes of demons drawn by the delivery. As a troubled boy struggling with his emotions and unique abilities, Samuil often escapes to the serenity of the forest and finds peace while listening to the singing river and befriending forest creatures.

As the shadow creatures’ aggressions escalate, Samuil befriends Nikolai of the Caves; an eccentric time traveling wizard with an old hound named Wolf Killer, and the Legendary Snow Owl. Together they engage in a spin-chilling cosmic battle on Devils Island. Only time will tell whether they’ll survive long enough to claim their extraordinary destiny.

Samuil and the Legendary Snow Owl (iUniverse) continues to garner positive feedback from both professional book reviewers and readers alike. Author Randall Stephens has spent most of his life traveling the United States and the world telling stories to audiences. This is his first book of a planned trilogy. At present, he makes his home in Waterloo, Alabama. ◊

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