Countdown to Year Zero Invites Deep Change


this is the award the doc got at the film festival
Winner Best Documentary Feature at Studio City International Film Festival.

The award-winning climate change documentary is now available on Amazon Prime Video. It will also screen at the Culver City Film Festival on December 11th!

Jaw-dropping! Required viewing for anyone who cares about the future.”

— Donny Moss of

Countdown to Year Zero hones in on the unprecedented crisis unfolding before our eyes: climate change! But, it offers hope. There’s one easy switch we can all make to immediately begin to reverse climate change and the film explores that fix.

Countdown to Year Zero is available on Amazon Prime Video. It’s free for Amazon Prime members and just 99 cents for everyone else. Those in the L.A. area, however, might want to see the film on the big screen. On Wednesday, December 11th at 4pm, it will be shown at the Culver City Film Festival.

This timely and compelling film has already been tearing up the film festival circuit: it was the winner Best Documentary Feature at the 2019 Studio City International Film Festival and sold out at the 2019 Chelsea Film Festival where it screened to rave reviews.

Appearances by Greta Thunberg, Jane Goodall, Alicia Silverstone and Captain Paul Watson help tell the story: We don’t have to be victims of climate change. We don’t have to wait for governments and corporations to get their act together. We have the power… if we use it. ◊

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