Non-Fiction: Science of a Happy Brain: Thriving in the Age of Anger, Anxiety, and Addiction by Jay Kumar

Dr. Jay Kumar is a renowned public speaker and thought leader whose expertise spans brain science, behavioral health, economics, politics, culture, and religion. He is also the inaugural Director of Contemplative Practices and Wellbeing at Chapman University in California. Dr. Kumar’s latest book is Science of a Happy Brain: Thriving in the Age of Anger, Anxiety, and Addiction. It reveals tantalizing secrets behind the brain and explores the mystery of the human condition.

“What is happiness?” writes Kumar. “Is happiness even realistic for you to achieve in today’s world of rising anger, anxiety, and addiction? It’s the fundamental question I (your Happiness Professor) yearned to discover in the wake of a life-transforming family tragedy as a young adult that led me to the halls of academia and holy ashrams to explore the science and spirituality of happiness.”

Science of a Happy Brain is adapted from actual lessons from Dr. Kumar’s popular university course. From millennials suffering from anxiety to folks in Middle America struggling with addiction, from veterans battling PTSD to parents coping with the challenges to raise children hooked on technology, from the spike in suicides to the tribalism and hate in today’s world, Dr. Kumar guides readers on a journey of exploration and discovery that empowers them in building a Happy Brain.

The latest research in brain science points to one undeniable truth: to socialize is to survive, to tribe is to thrive. Science of a Happy Brain uncovers a long-forgotten aspect of humanity by exposing a shared element of human biology: one’s social brain. Only recently has science affirmed what religions knew all along: humans are social beings with social brains that are nourished and strengthened by community and connection. ◊

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