Non-Fiction: Find Your Red Thread by Tamsen Webster

The Red Thread

Often know as the “idea whisperer” for her ability to help companies and individuals convert terrific ideas into successful ventures, speaker and consultant Tamsen Webster recently published the definitive guide to connecting ideas to their audience’s needs. The Red Thread: Make Your Ideas Irresistible is Webster’s proven approach to using the core elements of storytelling to turn ideas into action.

Taken originally from the ancient myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, the “red thread” idiom is popular throughout northern Europe to refer to the throughline that helps something make sense. In The Red Thread, Webster details the process of finding an idea’s throughline by establishing a goal, introducing a problem someone didn’t know they had, discovering a truth that demands a choice, defining a change in thinking or behavior, and describing the action, or actions, that will make that change concrete.

Webster notes that every idea already has a red thread; it’s the mental path the idea generator took to make sense of the idea. “You have a great idea within you,” Webster says. “Your idea can change the world, because it has already changed you in some transformative way. You thought it, and then you couldn’t unthink it.”

By working through each element of storytelling, The Red Thread ensures those ideas are communicated in a way that others simply cannot “unhear”.

Webster drew from more than two decades of helping experts drive action from their ideas. The Red Thread is like a masterclass in communicating to transform. ◊

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