Non-Fiction: Discover the 5 Treasures for Better Health by Spencer Masterson

Proper nutrition, essential herbs, proper exercise, plenty of hydration and a journey of personal development share the main focus of Spencer Masterson’s guide to wellness, Discover The 5 Treasures For Better Health.

Masterson outlines the basic steps to improve one’s health. What he calls the five simple treasures — as outlined above — are the principal aspects to cultivate in order to transform how one looks and feels. Additionally, while healthiness is often viewed as something difficult to attain, requiring sacrifices or a lot of effort and expense, Masterson tries to help readers discover that the road to better health is actually quite simple. His method is accessible to anyone, not just those with the resources to purchase expensive health products or a surplus of time to spend at the gym. By delving into the fine details of each fundamental aspect of health, he allows readers to gain a deeper understanding and equips them with the knowledge needed to apply these health tips in their own lives.

As Masterson goes through his step-by-step process, enumerating the causes of the illnesses affecting people and the solutions to prevent this or regain wellness he demonstrates how his Five Treasures are the key to changing one’s life so readers can gain the motivation to rejuvenate their body. Through that process, they will also cultivate their mind and spirit and reach new levels of personal development.

“I grew up in a home that was athletic, sports, exercise, whole foods, herbs, and personal development education [oriented]. I wanted to write about how I grew up in a home with love about these Five Treasures that helped me to be healthy. I wanted to share with others,” Masterson says. The processes he outlines are methods he has practiced throughout his life and that helped him overcome health problems in his youth.

“Anyone can make changes,” Masterson says. “You have to take a leap of faith and move forward. Set a goal to make changes, write it down and things will change for you.”

The author is an herbalist, health and fitness coach, and an advocate of natural healing through herbs and other healing processes. He graduated as Master Herbalist in 1996 from The School of Natural Healing, founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher. Spencer founded NuLife Herbs, Inc., an herbal supplement company in Mesa, Arizona. He is driven to help educate people about herbs and other healing modalities.  ◊

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