Lovers of fairy tales and even those who don’t, can apply the lessons learned from these stories to their lives. Such is the view of author, course creator and entrepreneur Faithaline Hippolyte. Hippolyte is passionate about encouraging people to be their best selves. One way she does that is by using lessons from fairy tales in her online courses, making learning both fun and transformational.Science has proven that one of the ways human beings learn best is through story. Stories present concepts that are profound yet simple, making it easy for our brains to understand and remember what is taught. According to psychologist Peg Neuhauser, learning derived from a good story is retained better than learning from facts and figures. And Princeton researcher and Professor of Psychology Uri Hasson found that stories affect certain parts of the brain, causing the listener to turn the story into their own experience.

Faithaline Hippolyte’s recently launched courses draw on themes from fairy tales, to help people improve their mindset and better align thoughts, words and actions in order to achieve goals and dreams.

The courses include: “The Cinderella Fix: How to improve your Mind and Life in 7 days or less, through lessons learned from a Mistreated Girl, some Lizards and a Pumpkin.” A free mini course is available on her web site.

“I believe that all girls are princesses because of our inherent value and uniqueness,” says Hippolyte, “but sometimes due to life’s challenges, we forget who we are. The courses serve as a catalyst to help us re-discover who we are, and what we’re capable of.”

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