Don’t Throw Me in the Cholla Patch, written by Tucson’s Marc Severson and illustrated by Franceso Orazzini, is an original folktale designed for older children. It features the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert and two desert-dwelling tricksters who face off in a battle of wits over who gets dinner and who is dinner.

Don’t Throw Me in the Cholla Patch (Small Tooth Dog) features artwork by Italian illustrator Francesco Orazzini. The story is by Marc Severson of Tucson, Arizona. Featuring a battle of wits between a hungry coyote and small-but-chatty Woodrat the Packrat, the two meet up under the moonlight in the Sonoran Desert. Will Woodrat be able to talk his way out of this or is he in for a thorny end? The book is intended for kids in the elementary middle grades. ◊

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