Fiction: The Color of Hate by Wilma Blair-Reed

The Color of Hate

The Color of HateIs cheating a mistake or a choice? Can it be justified? Misunderstandings and challenges are normal in a relationship. Couples, married or not, experience ups and downs from time to time. Any conflict may be resolved, but what happens when a third party is involved? Will the relationship prosper or will it collapse?

Wilma Blair-Reed’s The Color of Hate revolves around the lives of Doris and Shaun, a black couple who have been together for many years. Doris is an educator who ventures into politics, while Shaun has a creative financing company. Several challenges enter their relationship. One of those is when Shaun has a child out of wedlock with a white woman. Doris had a hard time understanding the struggles of their marriage.

“She was beginning to drift off into a peaceful sleep when she heard a sound coming from the room below. She sat up. Fear welled up inside her body as she strained to listen, but she heard nothing. Was it her imagination? No, it wasn’t.”

In this story, Blair-Reed incorporates social justice issues and racial complexities. She resides in Moreno Valley, California, and is a successful black woman with degrees in sociology and psychology. She has worked as a social worker for 33 years and is currently semi-retired. She has three children and four grandchildren. ◊

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