Fiction: The Boldy Boys by Dean Round

The Boldy Boys

Hypo is a man at a crossroad in his life as he battles low esteem and self-confidence. Whitely is a successful man destroyed by adultery, lies and deceit. Twiggy is a kind, loyal man reduced to depression as he loses his job that he loves. Sickman, the joker of the group, is the sarcastic man but with mental health issues.

In The Boldy Boys by Dean Round, four men who have been best friends for over four decades tackle their demons and decide to form a rock band to get back the friendship that had recently been lost.

They call themselves The Boldy Boys, a reference to the Rugby club they love called Newbold, it has old in it as they are all in their 50s, but it also refers that they were once boys.

The Boldy Boys follows their journey from their teenage years in the 1980s through to love, music, sport, holidays, marriage, children, heartbreak, health issues and many funny and happy times. ◊

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