Non-Fiction: The You Beyond You: The Knowledge of the Willing by Ramzi Najjar

In this practical and useful book, The You Beyond You: The Knowledge of the Willing, author Ramzi Najjar offers ideas and strategies to break bad habits and beliefs in order to realize the full potential of the individual.

Najjar distills intricate topics into simple strategies that can be easily applied to everyday life and work, drawing on theories and ideas from science, particularly biology and psychology in order to create an easy-to-understand guide for turning negative ideas and beliefs into positive ones.

Najjar argues that the restoration of one’s body and mind is the first step toward change, which can be achieved with proper diet, exercise, and detoxification. Imprinting one’s biological body with the new memory separate from the one that existed and letting the right memory run your life is equally important.

He reasons that the proper imprinting of memory has the power to change a life and help gain unimaginable powers, including the ability to heal any disease with mere willpower. Along the way, readers will be inspired and entertained with real-life examples and ideas.

Najjar’s prose is simple and accessible and yet possesses both depth and substance.

Reflective, surprising, and detailed, Najjar’s practical advice is intended to help readers reshape the way they think about progress, offering the tools and strategies one needs to transform one’s life and reach extraordinary heights. ◊

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