Most people don’t know what lies beneath the streets of New York City; but the author of Dracula Unmasked, A Journey Through Time (Richlife) certainly does. Pamela J. Rauch’s vampire story takes a creative turn when a European vampire decides to make his home underneath the New York Public Library. Utilizing abandoned book vaults, Dracula spawns the next generation of undead servants, who prey on unsuspecting New Yorkers.

“When I sat down to write this story, my goal was to offer readers something different, unlike all other Dracula stories,” said Rauch. “I aimed to provide a deeper insight into the the man living behind the mask of a nocturnal villain we have loved to hate for more than a hundred years. I enjoy bringing history to life, as with the abandoned book vaults,” she added.

Jack the Ripper plays a prominent role as Dracula’s right hand: he has been made a creature of the night and is responsible for propagating their species and managing things in a place called Tunneltown. By day, their progeny sleep in a batlike form, waiting for the night to escape their underground tomb. These vampires are cunning and often feed without killing; discretion is the supreme law for residents of Tunneltown. Some of them work by day in the subways, a perfect place to be protected from sunlight, while keeping an eye out for members of the Van Helsings; a group of vampire hunters determined to find the location of Dracula’s lair.

Using mirrors, vampires and other earthbound spirits are able to move about through time, at times even traveling to the past in order to determine whether historical events need to be altered. Rauch’s story begins in the fifteenth century and takes the reader on a wild ride through time, culminating with the horrific events of September 11, 2001.

This narrative offers a different perspective on the ethereal realm of vampires and the earthbound spirits who keep them company, in a place called the Otherworld. Accompanying the two vampires on this eventful journey are a former Prince of England, a poet and a group of misfit children. Together they encounter an array of historical figures including Elizabeth Bathory a.k.a. the Blood Countess, Adolph Hitler, Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Manson and even Bram Stoker, himself. ◊


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