Murder and… Makeup?

Bailey Sarian

A popular weekly YouTube show hosted by Los Angeles makeup artist Bailey Sarian has attracted 1.5 million subscribers. What’s the big draw? Despite being an unexpected mix of things, Sarian’s charm, wit and storytelling abilities make each episode feel like a half hour well spent.

Every week on Murder, Mystery and Makeup Monday, Sarian talks about a different true crime case… while applying a full and skillful face of makeup. She appears to do extensive research on each case, often turning up facts that aren’t readily available on a fast past.

Over the last few years, Sarian has covered the Chris Watts case, Jeffrey Dahmer, the possible murder committed by 1950s pinup Betty Paige, Ted Bundy and many others, both prominent and obscure. You can dip in to see what REALLY happened in the Spreckels Mansion bellow. ◊


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