BookShout Announces Redesigned E-Book Redemption Process

BookShout, an eBook distributor and digital reading platform, has announced major upgrades to its user-friendly system of redemption pages for eBook sales and promotions.

BookShout will partner with organizations across a range of industries in the eBook marketplace. Buyers fall into four main areas: Publishers can use BookShout to sell content and remarket directly to readers, without the high overhead and interrupted experience of third party retailers. Brands like Regal Cinemas, General Mills, and The Wall Street Journal provide eBooks through BookShout as an impactful and cost-effective component of reward programs to improve customer retention and drive brand loyalty. Event planners at companies like Google and Costco utilize BookShout to provide thousands of eBooks in conjunction with guest speakers at conferences and retreats, or for education and training purposes. Colleges and universities use BookShout to provide eBooks to students.The refreshed look of BookShout’s eBook redemptions provides clients with valuable new ways to customize and brand their landing pages, with more space for logos, photos, and other custom graphics. The result is an impressive brand-centric experience and a one of a kind way for organizations to build lasting relationships with their audiences.

BookShout is currently inviting readers to experience the innovative new design with a free eBook.

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