Weir Farm National Historic Site Chronicles the History of an Important American Artistic Landmark

In Weir Farm National Historic Site (Arcadia Publishing), author Xiomaro, Visiting Artist at Connecticut’s Weir Farm and an alumnus of its Artist-in-Residence program, tells the story of Julian Alden Weir (1852–1919), a leading innovator of American Impressionist painting.  Xiomaro chronicles the farm’s rescue from residential development to its establishment as a park. The farm’s landscape inspired countless masterpieces created by Weir, his famous painter friends, two subsequent generations of artist-owners, and contemporary artists who continue to create at the park. The book’s historical narrative unfolds with well over 100 photographs, most of which were created by Xiomaro under commissions from the National Park Service.

The foreword was written by Senator Joseph Lieberman who introduced legislation in 1990 to establish Weir Farm as Connecticut’s first national park. Weir Farm is also the only park in the nation dedicated to painting. In 2020, the Weir Farm will be depicted as part of the US Mint’s America the Beautiful series.

Xiomaro (pronounced “SEE-oh-MAH-ro”) is an internationally recognized artist and speaker whose photography has been covered by The New York Times, CBS Eyewitness News, and News 12. His work has been exhibited at Harvard University, museums, galleries, and public spaces.

The book was released internationally by Arcadia Publishing as part of its Images of Modern America series, which the company describes as uncovering “amazing aspects of American history that are all too often overlooked by standard texts” and “filled with expertly penned content and stunning full-color images.” The company is based in Charleston, South Carolina and is the leading publisher of local and regional books in the United States with a library of more than 14,000 titles. ◊

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