BEA Report: Sore Feet and Screaming Shoulders

It may have been guilt from the volley I launched at him earlier but, if so, I’ll take it. January Magazine contributing editor Tony Buchsbaum sends us his first report — as well as a few more pictures — from Book Expo America, currently underway at Staple Center in Los Angeles until June 1st.

Buchsbaum is filing his stories from his iPhone, which means he’s getting killer good at texting. Here’s what he had to say:

Dateline — Los Angeles — Thousands of book-hungry souls. Tens of thousands of copies of hopeful bestsellers. And thousands who work in an industry created to get you to read. Add a dash of madness — as well as many a mad dash for the galley-of-the-moment, and that’s BookExpo, three days of heaven for anyone into books. If it’s between two covers, it’s here.

Picture hundreds of titles, mostly due out this fall, each looking for a mind to enter. Picture publishing people working to get people like me interested. With so many people choking the aisles, there’s no stopping to consider whether a book is worth taking. You just take them be hope it’ll be good. You really do have to judge each book by its cover; there’s no time for anything else. By day’s end, you’ve got a few dozen contenders for “a good read,” so there’s work to do.

Feet ready to fall off. Shoulders screaming. Mind reeling. And best of all, there are still two days to go. — Tony Buchsbaum, reporting from BookExpo America 2008

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