Back to the Future  Turns 30

BTTF2 Thirty years after Michael J. Fox went roaring into the future in a souped up DeLorean, cultural historian Caseen Gaines mines this rich vein and comes up with gold. We Don’t Need Roads (Plume) goes behind the scenes of the making of the three Back to the Future films and how the film that became a cult classic nearly went very wrong… in several directions. From The Hollywood Reporter:

In author Caseen Gaines’ new tell-all book, We Don’t Need Roads, the cast and crew behind the seminal sci-fi comedy Back to the Future, which hit thea51FdPWgVJxL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_ters July 3, 1985, reveal all the secrets behind the film’s bumpy path, including what it was like to hear initial rejections from every studio, replace the lead actor, endure friction among castmembers and get mixed reactions from test audiences.

Among the production secrets revealed in the book, is the fact that Eric Stoltz, who had beat out C. Thomas Howell, Johnny Depp, John Cusack and Charlie Sheen and other to play Marty McFly, was recast quite late in the production: they wanted someone funnier.

Gale says Universal head Sid Sheinberg reluctantly agreed to replace Stoltz with Michael J. Fox, who was now available, as producers on Family Ties were more willing to share him with the film than they had been earlier in the sitcom’s season.

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