World Happiness Week

World Happiness Week

A six day summit called World Happiness Week and streamed around the world will focus our energy on recovery, accelerating the global movement for well-being via the most accessible event on the planet.

World Happiness Foundation founder Luis Gallardo explains that the goal is “to explore suffering and flourishing at World Happiness Week. It is neither necessary nor desirable to eliminate human struggles and frailties to pursue a flourishing human life. Creating a proper attitude and response to our limitations, challenges, and suffering is the best way to a flourishing life.”

The Foundation feels that Covid-19 has transformed the lives and values of many people in the world. “And for an increasing number of us, well-being and happiness have become the new paradigm for human progress.”

The summit will feature seminars, talks, networking events, performances, and experiential workshops presented by happiness experts from every continent and 80 cities, including the active participation of 70 global local group chapters.

The full story is here.

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