Who Hates Mick Jagger?

Regular readers may already have gleaned that I am a big fan and regular reader of Vanity Fair magazine (at least, I am when they’re not doing inexplicable puff pieces on tabloid fodder “artists” like recent VF cover girl Lindsay Lohan. But that’s likely the topic for a different piece).

My VF fangirl status made it a fun jolt to see a stream of traffic heading January’s way over the last week, where I got another jolt: the VF Daily piece that was leading readers to January was from a book by my relative, Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards. The Vanity Fair Daily piece is called “Boy, Do I Hate Mick Jagger” and it’s really a rundown of Life (Little, Brown), Richards’ new autobiography, out next week. From the piece in question:

Though fans are likely to be pleased by Richards’s salacious revelations and frank assessments, bandmate Mick Jagger, whom the author describes as “unbearable” and refers to as “Brenda” and “Your Majesty,” is not. The same can be said of Yoko Ono, as Richards characterizes her former husband John Lennon as “a silly sod, in many ways.” It appears that the stuff of Life stands on the scurrilous side of the continuum of rock-star confessionals.

Zoiks! The Vanity Fair Daily piece is here. The reason Vanity Fair was referring to us was a 2008 January Magazine review of the Slash autobiography, Slash which is here.

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  1. I watched an interesting interview on Sunday Morning with Keith Richards and he said that Mick and he were like brothers but they weren't really friends. I didn't get the impression he hated him though. Hate seems like a strong word.

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