Thoughts, Prayers and America’s Mass Delusion

This is not about books. If that displeases you, tune out. We’ll be here in good form tomorrow with book-related items. But today? Today we don’t have the spirit for it.

There are no words that we here can add to what is being said about the tragedy in Las Vegas. But McLean’s magazine has said a great deal so succinctly, we wanted to share that link with you.

Here first are some bald facts from the article:


In a typical year, over 13,000 Americans will be killed by guns. To put that into perspective, that is six times more than the total number of American troops killed in Afghanistan over the last 16 years. America’s gun homicide rate is 25 times the average of other developed countries. There is now, typically, one mass shooting per day in the United States. Over the course of the year, 45 of those will be school shootings.


We bow our heads, but it really does feel as though the time for America’s Thoughts and Prayers Strategy is well past.

The full piece is here.

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