This Just In… The Epic Chronicles of Landsfor: Discoveries and Revelations by Gourav Raj Bansal

The Epic Chronicles of Landsfor

King Balathaar Rain had a dilemma. He knew his beloved eldest son, Shilathaar, was unworthy of the throne and that his youngest son, Dymondo, was the better leader. Yet his love for Shilathaar blinded him to the injustice he would do to his citizens by not giving control of the Kingdom of Landsfor to its rightful heir.

Before his death, in a cowardly compromise, the King divided his four-island kingdom into three parts, giving control of each part to one of his three sons for them to rule in their own dissimilar ways. Now, the eldest of the three, Shilathaar, rules his island with an iron fist, considering himself to be the rightful ruler of all four islands.

On another island, the second eldest, Grygerious, a cowardly, conniving lech, spends his time indulging in wine and women and his own cunning conspiracies to take control of the realm while, the youngest son, Dymondo, a strong, capable and righteous ruler, governs two of the islands, continuing to demonstrate his worthiness to sit the throne of the now-divided Kingdom of Landsfor.

Amidst this family tension, Dymondo Rain is confronted with a new threat—a great security breach and failed attempt to murder his chief researcher—a man commissioned by the King to look into an important matter of state. The researcher now fights for his life while the assailant, an ensnaring blue-eyed woman, refuses to divulge the reason behind her attack and who has sent her. Dymondo and his trusted Lances, Sterferep Unknown and Kor Grayish, are left with broken pieces of information they must put together in order to unravel the mystery behind the attack and discover the true conspirator.

No family, friend, or foe is free from suspicion amidst the palace intrigue, and Dymondo is faced with the challenge of determining whom he can trust. Dymondo’s investigation leads him down a precarious path of conflicting emotions and an enthralling journey into a forbidden jungle where he discovers a dark truth about his family and the secret of his birth.

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