Taking the Food System Back… With Books

Food Tank has rounded up 19 books about food and agriculture that explore food policy, nutrition science, healthy eating, food justice, and the challenges of farming.

Readers will be able to immerse themselves in new roles as activists, brewers, chefs, farmers, politicians, and more.

Included in the list, consumer advocate, nutritionist, and author of six prize-winning books Marion Nestle’s Unsavory Truth offers readers another glance into nutrition: although nutrition advice may seem inspired by the latest science, these scientific studies often gather funding from companies seeking to promote their own products. Nestle’s book, and some of the other books below, unveil how big companies and misled policy makers took over the food world—and how people are leading the effort to take it back.

The list includes Beginning to End Hunger: Food and the Environment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Beyond (UCP) by M. Jahi Chappell; Cocoa (Polity) by Kristy Leissle; Diet and the Disease of Civilization (Rutgers) by Adrienne Rose Bitar and more.

The full list is here.

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