When January Magazine interviewed Salman Rushdie back in 2002, the author had reached a point in his life where it felt safe for him to live his life like a normal person, without fear of assassination. “Because the thing that I most keenly felt was the loss of ordinary life,” he said at the time. “And so it’s very good to have it back. Go stand in line in the supermarket. It’s just back to normal.” That might not be the case anymore. From The Guardian:

Forty state-run media outlets in Iran have pooled together to raise $600,000 (£420,000) to add to the fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie, 27 years after Iran’s first supreme leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, called for Rushdie’s assassination following the publication of his novel The Satanic Verses.

According to the state-run Fars news agency, the media outlets have pooled together to raise a new bounty, in the largest coordinated effort surrounding the fatwa since it was issued in 1989, when Khomeini declared The Satanic Verses blasphemous against Islam and offered a bounty for the novelist’s assassination. The total funds theoretically available to reward Rushdie’s murder now run into millions of dollars.

One can’t help wonder if these people have actually have read the book.

The full piece is here.

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