Review: The Strange Case of Hellish Nell by Nina Shandler

Today, in January Magazine’s non-fiction section, contributing editor Cherie Thiessen looks at The Strange Case of Hellish Nell by Nina Shandler. Says Thiessen:

The last person in Britain to be tried as a witch was a Scottish medium. The year, surprisingly, was 1944. Nell ran afoul of authorities when she started to channel spirits who knew way too much about Britain’s military secrets during World War II. When Nina Shandler heard this story on the radio in America in 1998, she was intrigued. The following year she found herself in London, accompanying her husband on a temporary assignment, and she began to research Nell’s incredible story. Without a work visa or children, she suddenly had lots of that rare commodity — time. This was the perfect opportunity for the psychologist to turn writer/researcher and uncover details about the bizarre story that had so intrigued her.

The full review is here.

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